British Forces Resettlement Services (BFRS)

BFRS is a Social Enterprise that was created to work in support of the Armed Forces Community (AFC). We support them by working with companies across the UK that are looking to hire, re-train, and offer career advice to the them. 

We successful host National Careers Fairs across the country and our aim is to continuously introduce the AFC to companies and try to ensure they are fully aware of the benefits of employing from this community.

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0207 2189000

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About Us


Model aircraft flying at RAF Leuchars most Saturdays

We have a variety of 'Sport' and 'Scale' models. The difference being a Sport model, doesn't necessarily look like any known aeroplane, has benign characteristics, and the engine is accessible for adjustment as required. These are used mainly for testing/practice, and training.

Scale models on the other hand, are miniature versions of their full-size counterparts, with meticulous attention to detail and paintwork. They are, generally, more difficult to fly.

The group formed originally, in order to train/practice for major competitions and displays, such as the Jet World Masters.

We operate at RAF Leuchars most Saturdays, weather permitting of course, and are in attendance from 10.00-16.00.



Email or where we will answer any questions you may have.


A Lightning

Lightning .jpeg

A Lightning

An F18


An F-18!


This is a model!!!

F-106 Delta Dart



F-15 Take Off

Fiat G91


Fiat G-91 Landing!

Hunter and Hornet


Hunter and Hornet at rest


T-45 Goshawk.jpg

T-45 Goshawk